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Welcome To Healthy Futures
Be Active Today To Be Part Of The Solution! Healthy Futures is an Alaskan based, statewide grassroots initiative founded in 2003 by two parents, the late Bonny Sosa Young and her husband Sam Young.  Bonny and Sam were concerned with the growing obesity epidemic in Alaska and felt if they stood by doing nothing, they were part of the problem versus the solution.

Our mission is simple; empower Alaska's youth to build the habit of daily physical activity through two core programs, the Healthy Futures Activity Log and increasing youth attendance at community recreational events.  In addition, Healthy Futures provides youth with access to positive, physically active role models through our partnership with the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, the collaborative literary publication, Healthy Heroes, and classroom/event participation by Olympians Kikkan Randall and Aelin Peterson.
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We are working to make it easier to get information about Healthy Futures programs and opportunities. We'll be rolling out a new website soon, so stay tuned!

Congratulations to the 168 schools registered for the Spring Challenge.

April 4 is the deadline to submit your school's online database for March's incentives.

The Healthy Futures
2014 Spring Challenge runs February, March and April. 
Let's get out and play every day!